From concept to prototype to production, AMRACE removes the barriers of high mix – mixed volume production runs to enable manufacturers to commercialise new physical products and increase their productivity essential for building a sustainable business. Business leaders and entrepreneurs  have access to unparalleled resources including state-of-the-art prototyping lab and micro-factory, expert practitioners, networks of industry experts and mentors, a robust manufacturing supply chain, active investors, and comprehensive business, leadership and technical training. AMRACE’s facilities and capabilities creates the ideal conditions for physical product innovation to thrive resulting in new business creation, revenue, investments, intellectual property and jobs.

New State-Of-The-Art Facility being built within UPM Campus

Our new Centre of Excellence will be focused on SMEs and startups who are increasingly at the  heart of I4.0.  Corporations require coaching towards an Agile mindset focused on Value through Solutions. The CoE will use the PTC lab-based training to promote the upskilling of workforces and the building of core capabilities to better compete in international markets. 

The CoE promotes a learn-it-all mindset required to operate a data driven business.  The CoE directly addresses the absence of digital and advanced manufacturing skills that is stalling innovation and change.  Artificial Intelligence and other digital capabilities will not provide the step change corporates seek until they address the growing skills gap.  AI, Robotics, RPA and other emerging tech are not magic but build on the foundational people, data and process capabilities that SMEs, Startups and Corporates invest in. 

The CoE is driving a venturing investment model that harnesses the potential of entrepreneurs without embracing the high rate of failure. The CoE coaches digital disruption as one part digital and one part discipline. Innovation needs to be balanced carefully between exploit and explore. The CoE will harness both the disruptive power of startups and the discipline of multinationals to deploy winning strategies.

An impressive facility which will host a fully autonomous production line