Certified I40 Specialist - 2 Day Certified Course

Next course date : 29th November, 2021

Location : Online

The market opportunity for IIoT is growing exponentially. IIoT adoption has been noticeable across markets with IDC estimating worldwide IoT spending was $645.9 billion in 2018 and forecasted to reach $1.05 trillion in 2022. The career options and attractive remuneration packages have never been more enticing as the demand for IIoT talent is increasingly rapidly and the supply is heavily constrained.

The impact of Covid-19 coupled with the global move to balanced sourcing are driving businesses to embrace ‘digital’ transformation at an accelerated pace. In order to minimise disruption, become more efficient, and capitalise on new opportunities. Manufacturers are seeking substantial operational efficiencies. IIoT will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to be at the heart of this exciting and growing revolution.

Key Topics

  • Understanding business and the next generation workforce for I4.0 : through the redesign of business models, deploying key business processes, exploring new mindsets, and the adoption of emerging technologies.
  • Realise a refreshed and updated understanding of the transformational nature of I4.0, IoT and IIoT for industry
  • Understand why IoT, IIoT and I4.0 are so fundamental to business efficiency, effectiveness and growth
  • Realising new opportunities for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) business model by implementing Industry 4.0
  • Understanding the I4.0 value chain, the value drivers and its system topology
  • Specific Industry 4.0 solutions, with an in-depth appraisal of an industry case study in order to use this knowledge to manage and control I4.0 projects within own businesses and operations
  • Understanding of the  I4.0 core technologies (eg Robotics, Autonomous Cells, AI, Big Data, Cloud)
  • Specific roles available to drive the high income economy in Malaysia


Lead Instructor | Thomas Lee-Warren, is the CEO of FutureVerse Pte, headquartered in Singapore. Headhunted by the board to craft and implement the revised growth strategy which places FutureVerse at the heart of digital transformation using capabilities arising from emerging technology and DeepTech as a beach-head. Thomas sits on the boards of leading universities including City University UK, Bayes Business School UK, and PSB Academy in Singapore. Before joining FutureVerse, Mr, Lee-Warren developed an executive career leading Fortune 500 businesses and as a Business Owner most recently as the Digital Chief Technologist at Rolls Royce and the CTO/CDO for Rolls Royce’s R2 Data Labs. 

Partner Instructor | Naguib Mohd Nor is the CEO and owner of Strand Aerospace Malaysia Sdn Bhd. He holds a BEng in Aerospace Engineering from UMIST and an MSc Aerospace Vehicle Design from Cranfield University. Mr. Naguib is also the President of the Malaysian Aerospace Industry Association (MAIA).

He sits on the Selangor and Malaysian Aerospace Council and sits on the advisory panel of several public and private Universities in Malaysia. He is a regular on Malaysian aerospace trade missions abroad and often part of the reception of aerospace trade delegations into Malaysia.P

Course Curriculum

Day 1

  • The emerging business landscape and the opportunity of I4.0.

  • A history of the 4 industrial revolutions.

  • A clear understanding of how IIoT and IoT are central tenants of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

  • A transformation roadmap to engage and guide businesses through the key stages of digital transformation with a focus on how they may overcome the most common challenges.

  • A solid knowledge of the software tools & platforms in use to unlock the business benefits of I4.0, IoT, and IIoT.

  • A clear understanding of the IIoT core technologies (eg Robotics, Autonomous Cells, AI, Big Data, Cloud and Edge )

Day 2

  • How to build corporate momentum and secure the advantages of IIoT by promoting a modern “learn-it-all” mindset.

  • The Key Career Roles of I4.0, IoT, and IIoT

  • Understand the Topology of I4.0 and how MES, PLM, ERP, Platforms, Analytics, Data are integrated for optimum efficiency

  • Active participation in an industrial case study that reveals the powerful capabilities provided by IIoT.