AMRACE Locations
[ Malaysia & Singapore]

Universiti Putra, Malaysia

The facility is currently undergoing major redevelopment within the Universiti Putra Malaysia campus.  A fully autonomous manufacturing lab along with state-of-the-art robotics, IoT, edge, cloud, G5 telecommunications, and design technology labs will complete the range of new facilities at the Centre of Excellence.

Smart Manufacturing Technologies, Tampines, Singapore

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Smart Manufacturing Technology

With more than 20 years’ experience, SMT specialises in Workplace Conversion to reduce labour reliance and overcome space constraint. Our Tech-capability to retro-fit SME machinery and system upgrade enhances manufacturing efficiency targeting High-mix Low-volume job orders.

SMT strive to help all our client improve their efficiency and throughput by over 100% with our inhouse end-to-end solutions. We pride on being the industry leader and constantly upgrade our technology to stay ahead in the field.

Cloud-deployment ready, our proximity to Supply Chain Ecosystem integration will enable existing machines to communicate through gateways and data servers so that Product Relative Data (PRD) can be sent directly from machine to machine i.e. Measurements from the measuring centre (e.g. CMM) will be send to the production system for process compensation without any human involvement.

SMEs can utilise the tech-advantages to work collaboratively to share resources for higher throughput and resource allocation.

Digital twin system, the next generation software. Days are gone from seeing pure charts and data. We bring you the revolutionary way to inspect, control and view your Factory in this 3D space.