Revolutionizing Automation with SAT Asia, EAASE, and SMT Technology

AMRACE partners with industry leaders SAT Asia, EAASE, and SMT Technology to offer cutting-edge automation solutions that drive efficiency and innovation across industries.

SAT Asia:

  • A premium engineering services and technology company specializing in aircraft structural design, IoT, and Big Data analytics.
  • Committed to engineering a better tomorrow through world-class teams, valuable products, and sustainable processes.
  • Achieved AS9100 and ISO 9001 certifications, ensuring exceptional quality and customer satisfaction in aerospace and related industries.


EAASE (Equipment as a Service):

  • Offers CNC machine leasing and subscription platform with bundled services and solutions.
  • Utilizes IR4.0 Technologies for scalability, economy, and trust across distributed networks.
  • Features include lower cost of operation, hassle-free maintenance, better cash flow, and machine health monitoring with IoT and Blockchain integration.


SMT Technology:

  • Specializes in Workplace Conversion to reduce labor reliance and enhance manufacturing efficiency.
  • Offers end-to-end solutions to improve efficiency and throughput by over 100%.
  • Cloud-deployment ready with proximity to Supply Chain Ecosystem integration for seamless communication between machines.


Experience the future of automation with SAT Asia, EAASE, and SMT Technology. Contact us now for more information on how our solutions can transform your business!


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